why millennials are so broke

No, it’s not only because of expensive lattes and avocado toast. Growing up, some of you have probably heard stories at the dinner table from your parents, proudly exclaiming how they managed to buy their first house at age 24 while working as a highschool teacher or General Motors assemblyRead More →

As the world now registers over 1 million tested and confirmed COVID-19 cases, life continues to stall in unprecedented ways. Lockdowns and stay home orders continue to be administered in the majority of the world’s developed countries, and storefront/transportation businesses such as restaurants, bars, event venues, airlines, etc. continue toRead More →

As days go by and the amount of worldwide confirmed COVID-19 cases piles up (as I predicted a few weeks ago), it is looking more and more likely that this coronavirus pandemic may be the black swan event that sets off a global recession – a recession that may evenRead More →

In this post I will discuss and compare the options an expat or international nomad has at his/her disposal for transferring money across borders. As someone who just started living abroad or moving around, you may find things confusing and likely waste tens or hundreds of dollars on stupid bankRead More →