Welcome to HopeFreiheit.com.

This is a site for Millennials made by a traveling, hustling, contrarian Millennial. We try to keep the boring Boomer talk to a minimum here.

Admit it – we (the Millennial generation) got the shitty end of the stick. Being born between the early-80’s to the mid-90’s meant that we:

  • Grew up in the era of currency debasement and uncontrolled asset inflation – meaning that you likely cannot afford to buy a house and that you have a large sum of outstanding student loans.
  • Graduated straight into the 2008-09 Great Financial Crisis, or shortly thereafter – meaning that you probably had a tough time finding your first jobs.
  • Graduated in the era of scholarly credential dilution – where your degrees are worth pretty much nothing.
  • The old Boomer generation hold most of the wealth and assets in the economy – not only are they speculating up the home prices so that the homes are out of your reach, they are renting them out to you to take even more of your money!
  • The older generation is living longer than ever, and retiring later than ever – meaning that opportunities to move up to high corporate positions are becoming more and more limited.
  • We are told by instant gratification culture that we should put off everything and just enjoy living in the moment, cus “YOLO” – meaning that we are falling even more behind in the Great Rat Race, before we even get started.

In other words, we are destined to be poor and live frugally in shared apartments in metropolises like New York and Hong Kong… Unless we start doing something different and try to get ahead. Or, unless we come across a big windfall such as inheritance, or if you were a genius and bought bitcoin in 2011.

Luckily, not all odds are against us.

We are extremely fortunate to be alive at a time of revolutionary technological and social advancements. Societies all around us are getting digitized, very rapidly. Luckily for us, we grew up with a computer, and we are all more or less savvy with Googling information and using mobile apps.

With that said, our generation is blessed with huge advantages in terms of:

  • Equalization of information – we can find almost any information on the internet, and we can learn anything we want without having to go through tedious and bureaucratic educational institutions.
  • Globalization and travel – we can fly all over the world for very reasonable prices, and we can even choose to live in almost any country. This also gives us opportunities in geoarbitrage – leveraging differences and gaps between countries for our benefit.
  • Digitization of business and work – we have the flexibility to work online, and we can leverage the internet for scaling businesses, for only a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
  • Cryptocurrency – we are at the forefront of an era where big changes are happening to the way the world works. The legacy financial system is showing its fatal flaws again and again, coupled with the digitization of nearly everything – this is the perfect storm for decentralized digital financial assets such as bitcoin.

So, what are you waiting for? Come into the rabbit hole.

On this site, I discuss topics including personal finance, bitcoin and money, investing, businesses, geoarbitrage (mostly China), and my travels to off-the-beaten-path places.

About me – I am a Canadian Millennial, entrepreneur, free-spirited explorer, minimalist, and bitcoin maximalist. I enjoy the beautiful things in life such as good food, drink, and architecture, and I like putting my thoughts and experiences to paper.

I quit my corporate job in Canada in 2016, and have been living abroad full-time since then, occasionally as a digital nomad but mostly in Shanghai (it’s not as bad as Western MSM portrays it).

I value freedom and the ability to go wherever suits my lifestyle. We are fortunate to be alive in an era where global mobility has never been easier (until COVID-19 hit).

Bitcoin is the biggest thing to happen to mankind since the advent of the Internet, and within the next 10 years it will drastically revolutionize money, governments, and banking as we know it.

For business inquiries, please reach me through my Contact page.

Thanks for coming, and feel free to stay awhile.