Welcome to HopeFreiheit.com.

On this site I write about all things related to China, bitcoin and money, investing, businesses, and my travels to not-frequently-visited places.

About me – I am a Millennial, entrepreneur, free-spirited explorer, minimalist, and bitcoin maximalist. I enjoy putting my thoughts and experiences to paper.

I have been living abroad full-time since 2016, sometimes nomadically but mostly in China (it’s not as bad as Western MSM portrays it).

I value freedom and the ability to go wherever suits my lifestyle. We are fortunate to be alive in an era where global mobility has never been easier.

Bitcoin is the biggest thing to happen to mankind since the advent of the Internet, and within the next 10 years it will have drastic impact on money, governments, and banking as we know it.

For any business inquiries, you can reach me through my Contact page.